Skinimalism is not just a trend by skincare enthusiasts and eco-conscious pandits to promote conscious skincare, it is a lifestyle we should all adopt not only for the health of our skin but also that of the environment.

The goal of skinimalism is to try and limit the number of skincare products and ingredients we use and focus on the quality of one’s skincare. The motive behind this trend is to reduce skin sensitivity and ensure the right amount of active ingredients are in your favourite skincare product.

Skinimalism also aims to reduce the environmental impact caused by harmful ingredients used to produce cosmetic products and the use of non-biodegradable/non-recyclable packaging. This is a game-changing concept because it highlights the need for sustainable skincare which can positively affect our carbon footprint.

Additionally, skinimalisms advocates for multi-use skincare products that offer a holistic approach to skincare, catering to the needs of minimalist routines while promoting healthier skin and environmental sustainability, all while providing cost-effective solutions for customers’ pockets.

By design, O’PHYLL is one of the trendsetters around this concept as we are a minimalistic brand focused on availing effective skincare adaptive for various skin needs using minimal ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. We produce high-quality products by selecting exclusively organic ingredients which are beneficial for the skin. Therefore, just like the trend, we advocate for quality skincare over quantity.

But just like any “new trend” it is important to have a forum to discuss/debate the benefits and disadvantages of this relatively new concept, as most skincare enthusiasts would rather continue to explore different products all at once instead of a single product that tackles multiple skin issues.

The effectiveness of skinimalism solely depends on individuals’ skin types and needs. For some, simplifying their skincare routine can lead to healthier and more balanced skin through a streamlined regimen, usually involving just two to three essential products (cleanser, SPF moisturiser and serum)  which can help in avoiding potential irritants found in many cosmetic products.

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