Common Toxic Ingredients in Skincare Products

As part of our ‘Know what makes up your skincare products’ blog series, we’ve combed through some research and articles to offer you a brief insight into the health implications of some of the products we use each day as part of our skincare routine. 
Most skincare products require the presence of preservatives to increase the products’ shelf life and prevent the growth of bacteria/fungi which if not considered, can be detrimental to your health and skin. Some of the most commonly used preservatives are parabens, triclosan, and formalin. 
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The University of California conducted a study, in mice, showing that prolonged exposure to triclosan leads to liver fibrosis, impairment of muscle contraction, and development of antimicrobial resistance. Additionally, the persistent disposal of triclosan to our sewage system via the products we use has been shown to pose significant health and environmental risks.
Formalin, a derivative of formaldehyde, has been classified as a Group 1 carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) by the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer. It has also been shown to cause skin sensitivity and irritation, along with respiratory problems following continuous use. Parabens have also been shown to be endocrine disruptors, capable of affecting oestrogen production in females and particularly affecting males.
However, all these chemicals are still a major component of skincare formulation used at what is believed to be low doses. It is essential, however, to consider the impact of continuous/extended use of products containing these ingredients on human health and the implications thereof. 
Bearing this in mind, is the continued use of skincare products containing possibly toxic chemicals worth the risk? 
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