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5 Dangers of inconsistent makeup brush cleaning

A Harris poll online survey confirmed that over 60% of people who use makeup, clean their makeup brushes less than once a month. Interestingly, an overwhelming number of the surveyed individuals were aware of the downsides of an inconsistent hygiene practice when it came to makeup, but still did not clean their makeup tools at a minimum of once a month as recommended by beauty experts. 
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Well, as part of our blog series, we’ll be giving you all the information you need to truly familiarise yourself with the importance of a good hygiene routine when it comes to your make-up and giving you tips to add to your already existing arsenal.


To get you started, check out these 5 common dangers of not giving your brushes a good clean…
1. Clogged pores, skin irritation and breakouts
Dirty brushes carry oils, dirt and bacteria that can affect your skin’s health, complexion and skin tone. With progressive use of makeup brushes, product builds up and grime lurks in your brush bristles, therefore, old makeup dirt can be deposited onto your skin, seeping into the pores resulting in clogged pores and irritated skin (e.g. skin rashes and acne). Essential to note is that clogged pores affect your skin’s natural oils and results in your skin having a dull appearance, breakouts and a dry complexion.
2. Bacterial infection and Acne 
As mentioned before, makeup easily accumulates in makeup tools, particularly in blenders/sponges. These, along with brushes are a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria which live on moisture, oils and dirt. Unfortunately, poor hygiene practices have been shown to result in serious bacterial or fungal infections which may not only result in acne but can also cause eye infections amongst other things.
3. Uneven makeup application
If the possibility of getting acne, rashes, uneven skin tone, bacterial infection and wrinkles is not incentive enough to adopt a makeup tool cleaning routine, we have more reasons for you. Using grimy makeup brushes and blenders affects the quality and appearance of your makeup look (“face beat”). This is often seen as a cakey appearance of the skin after application, distorted makeup shade and uneven application. Let’s face it, nobody wants that!…
4. Ageing skin 
I’m sure we are aware of the most common cause of skin ageing, extensive sun exposure! However, one thing we fail to consider, is how our makeup practices can contribute to the youthfulness or lack thereof of our skin. Constant re-introduction of dirt, dead skin cells and oils onto the skin causes the production of free radicals which target your skin’s collagen and elastin (proteins responsible for your skin’s youthful appearance) causing the skin to sag, resulting in the formation of wrinkles and thus premature ageing. 
5. Damaged brushes 
Lastly, having an inconsistent makeup brush/blender hygiene practice can be extremely costly in the long run as you might need to replace your makeup tool more often than necessary. So take good care of your tools and you will live to thank yourself in the future.
NB: This note is particularly for makeup artists. We know how busy your schedules can be and how during your visits between clients, you can be tempted to reuse your brushes and blenders, but it’s essential to never give in to this temptation, always ensure your customer’s health is the #1 priority. 

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